"The Back Up Trust gave me my life back, Canine Partners let me live it

, Mariners of Bewl & Canterbury Hellfire Wheelchair Rugby Club allow me to enjoy it"



BackUp helped Tim & Nic rebuild a life after his accident


Canine Partners brought Elliot & independence into Tim's life


Mariners of Bewl teach people with disabilities to sail


Tim's wheelchair rugby team get adults & kids playing competitive sport


Now a Tetraplegic, Tim lived the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

After 10 months in hospital, Tim finally returned home.  However, the first 6 months were hell, unable to get out of the house on his own, no purpose, and with a PA who also knew nothing about spinal cord injury.

Then a wonderful organisation called the Back Up Trust came to the rescue.  They are a fantastic charity who inspire people affected by spinal cord injury to transform their lives, and challenge perceptions of disability. They deliver services that build confidence and independence and offer a supportive network allowing people to get the most out of life. 

In 2010 Tim went on his first Back Up course to the Lake District which transformed his outlook of life.  He became a volunteer group leader, a wheelchair skills instructor and an outreach mentor. 


The true costs of sending a person on a Multi Activity Course is £3,200.


Please help seven people attend a Back Up course by raising £22,400

While in rehab at Stoke Mandeville, Tim was introduced to Canine Partners. 

They are a charity that use highly trained dogs to transform the lives of people with physical disabilities, to give them more independence and a better quality of life.

After 3 years Tim was matched with Elliott.  He attended the training centre for 2 weeks where Elliott and Tim learnt together how to work with each other and the partnership began.  Elliott was amazing, he helped every day with physical tasks Tim found difficult but also lifted his mood when he was feeling low.  He seemed to know instinctively if Tim was down and climbs up on his lap for a cuddle. He went everywhere with Tim, from Back Up courses and sailing (he had his own life jacket) to wheelchair rugby training and league weekends.

From conception to retirement it costs £20,000 for a Canine Partner.

He wanted to give someone else a better quality of life.


Please help raise the £20,000 for a Canine Partner.

With a newfound zest for life, Tim joined Mariners of Bewl, a sailing club that offers integrated sailing for people with physical disabilities and able bodied combined, based at Bewl Water, Lamberhurst, Kent. 

Tim sailed before his accident and wanted to see if he could again.  He was welcomed with open arms to a group of fantastic, friendly and fun loving like minded sailors. Over the years he was put through his paces and with help, guidance and support became a better sailor and competed in various regattas.  He joined the committee helping others onto the water to show how anything is possible if you have the right knowledge, support and equipment.


£26,200 will buy a RS Venture Connect SCS boat equipped with servo assisted sip & puff controls, allowing the more severely physically disabled onto the water. 


Please help me raise £26,200.

Having first witnessed wheelchair rugby when still in Stoke Mandeville, the 2012 London Paralympics inspired Tim to join Canterbury Rugby Club. The team went from Division 3 in his first season to now playing in Division 1, including National and International events.

Canterbury Rugby Club are passionate about offering rugby to every age, sex and ability, they have mini’s, juniors, ladies, mens and wheelchair rugby, with the only exception being a junior wheelchair rugby team.


A rugby wheelchair cost £2,500 and eight are needed to make a team.


Please help raise £20,000.

In Tim's own words,


"Back Up gave me my life back, Canine Partners helped me to live it, Mariners of Bewl and Canterbury Hellfire let me enjoy it."

So please help us raise £88,600 to change some lives forever.

Thank you.

On 19 July 2009 Tim was involved in a road traffic accident which left him wheelchair bound.


He broke his neck between C6-7, requiring 2 metal rings joined by rods to hold his head on.


He also broke a further 9 vertebrae, some ribs, punctured both lungs, broke his sternum and smashed his pelvis. 

At that moment his life changed forever. 

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