Frequently asked questions

Does my donation fund the Challenge itself?

No, all donations go directly to the charities & sports clubs we are fundraising for!

Can I join the Camino Challenge?

Yes! Please join for any part of the journey.

How do I arrange accommodation?

Fenn, Charlie & Sarah will be staying in pilgrims hostels located on arrival in the towns. They will not book in advance. Pilgrims are responsible for their own accommodation arrangements, feel free to book in advance if you'd prefer!

How do I get to the Camino route?

All pilgrims are responsible for their own travel arrangements. We recommend; 1. Head to the Pilgrims section of the website 2. Scroll through the interactive map to the desired start location 3. Click on the red location pin 4. Click Directions 5. This will take you to Google Maps where you can select flight options to see the recommended route.

How much will accommodation cost?

The pilgrims hostels tend to range from €10-15 per night.

What day does the Camino Challenge start & end?

We start on 1st October 2020 & finish on 31st October 2020.

Will Elliot the dog be coming?

No promises but hopefully he'll join us in the last few days....

I'd like to make a donation, how do I do it?

You can donate directly to our fundraising page

How can I help you with fundraising?

You can send us a message on Facebook, talk to us via the chat box on this website or reach out to Charlie via friends & family.

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